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Which are your Top Three apps?

Earlier today I was asked which are my top three apps for iOS devices. That’s a toughie! Which to choose? Book Creator, Class Dojo, AppFurnace, 2BAP, Too Noisy, Pocket Phonics, Tempo Slow, Toca Band all ran through my mind, along with so many others. Eventually I came up with iMove, Explain Everything and Socrative.

How about you? Which are your Top Three ‘must have’ apps, and why have you chosen them?

Please add your ideas to the comments section and share the joy.

And thanks to Nick Vose at Radcliffe Hall for the idea for this post.

Class Blogs

Is your class blogging yet?

Blogging has been shown to have a huge impact on standards in writing, and can be absolutely FREE. Take a look at this blog, belonging to Y6 at Radcliffe Hall, based on The Dragon’s Lair:

Why not get started by registering with the 100 Word Challenge ( or Quadblogging ( The stimulus to write is there for you, and children are guaranteed an audience (and therefore feedback via the comments) for their writing.

Sites like Primary Blogger ( provide schools with FREE blogging platforms. Indeed, you’ve probably notice that this blog is hosted by Primary Blogger. The teacher has the user name and password, sets the task in a new post (could be a text-based prompt for writing, a picture, and short video, and open-ended maths question – whatever you like) and the children contribute via the comments area. Children do not need logins to access the class blog.

There are plenty of ideas to get you started here:

Easy Ideas from Naace

Last Friday TCSC went to a Naace networking event. There were some inspirational speakers there, sharing their top tips for using technology to increase cross-curricular engagement in learning. Here are a few:

#ProudOfMySelfie: Are your pupils too cool to be proud of their achievements? Are they worried about being perceived as bragging? Introduce a #ProudOfMySelfie board in your classroom, and post selfies of the children celebrating their successes!

New Digital Divide: only 40% of schools have the broadband and wifi privision they want and need

Only 38% of teachers’ time is spent in front of their pupils. Use technology to bring greater efficiencies to your admin tasks

Idoceo: an app (£5.99) that works a bit like 2BAP, good for KS2

RiskIT: Change happens! None of the current top 10 jobs existed in 2004 – get the tech out of the cupboards and use it in lessons

ICT Angels (Digital Leaders): include these students in your school-based tech CPD so that they can support staff in class afterwards

Twitter: have a class account and use it regularly to tweet about small interesting activities, links to class blogs etc. Respond to others’ tweets promptly. Be aware of the implications of re-tweeting hashtags.