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Pet Penguin…please?

lemmling_Little_penguin_5Hello Children,

Do you like animals? I love reindeer! They’re quite big though, and can’t be kept in the house. I would really like a smaller pet to look after. I have often thought that a pet penguin could be just the very thing, but Mrs Claus says I can’t have one. Why could that be?

Is there a different animal that might be a more appropriate pet for me? Please post your suggestions in the comments area below.

Santa x

Best Blogs in History

Here’s an interesting one to try on your class blog:

If blogs had been around since the beginning of time, whose would make the best reading, and why?

Clearly, there are the obvious candidates such as Pliny the Younger, Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank. Who else’s blog would you like to read, and why? Why not ask your pupils and contribute their responses via the comments area below.

With thanks to @DeputyMitchell for the idea – join the debate on Twitter #bestblogsinhistory

Bury Primary Computing Solution

The new Computing PoS became statutory on 1 September 2014. Is there a decent SoW in place in your school to make the PoS manageable? If there is, that’s great. If not, you probably need one as a matter of urgency.

Bury’s Primary Computing Solution for years 1-6 takes the three strands of the PoS (Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science), and splits them into 6 areas for study each year:

  • Text and Multimedia
  • Searching and Sorting Information
  • Visual Media
  • Giving Instructions and Making Things Happen
  • Sound
  • eCommunication

Naturally, eSafety is a thread that weaves it’s way through all of these areas.

The Solution comprises overviews for each area of study with progression from Y1 to Y6, and medium term plans with appropriate resources and learning activities suggested. Assessment grids are also provided, along with a comprehensive glossary of terms.

Bury Primary Computing Solution is available in three sections:

  • Years 1-6
  • EYFS
  • SEN

Each section is available separately at £200, or £500 for all three together direct from TCSC (request yours in the comments area below, or DM us via Twitter @BuryTCSC)

BPCS Y1-6 08 BPCS EYFS Cover 74 BPCS Cover SEN

Ideas for *your* class blog

Keen to try blogging but not sure where to start?

Have a look at the ideas in these real blogs: (seasonal graphics made using 2Paint a Picture in Purple Mash) (interactive games made using 2DIY in Purple Mash)

Why not visit them and leave comments for the children there?

Do you have any blogging ideas to share? Add them to the comments area below!

Imagicademy maths games from Disney

Intended for use by younger children, Disney has launched the first of its new “Imagicademy” series of educational apps, each with a separate app for parents that helps them to track their children’s learning.

Full information is here but here’s an extract to get you started:

The first Imagicademy app is free to download, and includes five sections focusing on early maths skills including counting, sorting and simple addition and subtraction.

Children can try each world, but to unlock all their features, parents will pay £2.99 per section or £13.99 for all five via in-app purchase.