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TCSC Annual Media Awards

The 8th annual TCSC Media Awards Ceremony will be on Wednesday 24 June at 4pm at the Development and Training Centre.

This year, GAMES has been added as an additional category to each key stage, so the full range of categories to enter is:

  • Foundation Stage audio, video, animation, games
  • Key Stage 1 audio, video, animation, games
  • Key Stage 2 audio, video, animation, games
  • Key Stage 3 and 4 audio, video, animation, games

Entries can be recorded on any device you have available, and edited in any software.

Remember that your entry should be:

  • no more than 3 minutes long
  • received at TCSC by close of business on 30 April 2015

Games can be made in 2DIY, 2DIY3D, 2Code, j2code, Scratch – whatever programming platform you like – but remember that graphic design and an engaging story is just as important to creating an exciting game as good coding!

For full rules and an entry form please contact TCSC via the comments section (below).

Spring Term CPD @BuryTCSC

Have YOU got to grips with the new Computing Curriculum yet?

Are you aware that

  • the subject “Computing” includes so much more than just computer Science?
  • computer science is about far more than just programming?
  • programming is about more than simply coding?

Do you know what ‘computer science’, ‘programming’ and ‘coding’ are?

The other strands in the Computing PoS are Digital Literacy, Information Technology and eSafety.

Allow Bury’s Technology Curriculum Support Centre (@BuryTCSC) to guide you through all this with our schedule of CPD courses held at Bury’s Development and Training Centre:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact TCSC (via comments below) to organise your own bespoke in-school staff meetings or INSET.

All training is delivered by members of a team of skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and cheerful Leading Practitioners.